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TEMPUS project “ViCES – Video Conferencing Educational Services”

The main objective of the TEMPUS project “ViCES – Video Conferencing Educational Services” is to establish a video-conferencing service and organize the technical support of distance learning.

Also, the project’s aim is to establish education and organization methodology adapted for using the video-conferencing subsystem for educational purposes in a multi-lingual distance learning surrounding. By this, the communication between peoples and cultures is being enhanced, which contributes to the agility of universities’ staff and students. This will secure principal conditions for the development of distance learning based on video-conferencing services, which leads to enhancing the inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary teaching services on the national and international level.

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The Academic network of Serbia (AMRES) has recognized the importance of this project and as a direct result of their participation AMRES was inspired to establish a media portal that would serve as a tool for recording and storing video conferences and associated events. Consequently, AMRES Media Portal was created and now it is being put to use for those events that concern the education and research community. This portal proved to be a valuable media through which the TEMPUS ViCES project can reach a grater audience and achieve a higher level of project dissemination. In respect to this, AMRES can strongly recommend this type of recording and storing system to all TEMPUS ViCES consortium members.

AMRES Media Portal has streamed, recorded and stored a ViCES Dissemination event held in November 2010 in Belgrade. Agenda of this event is available in the stream archive and all of the video materials can be viewed in the multimedia section.



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